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Tuesday, 14 October 2014


Every time an election draws near I am requested by interested persons to publish a list of my own preferences. This ...

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Well Boys and Girls, here we are again.  Time for us, the voters, to exercise our franchise and hold the elected officials accountable.  Time for us to look at the current sorry state of public ethics and the state’s economy and Throw the Rascals Out!  Gosh, listen to me.  It’s almost as if there might be some small chance of actually effecting some change in the sorry state of things.

On second thought, maybe ...

Tuesday, 14 October 2014


Every time an election draws near I am requested by interested persons to publish a list of my own preferences. This I am quite willing to do. I hope - as always - that none of these choices turn out to be, in the light of some yet undisclosed malefaction, untenable. I believe it is also imperative to emphasize here the fact that, regardless of the outcome of any or all of this year's races, Mr. Obama will continue to be President of our nation for another two years. 

For those of us interested in the well being of our Republic, these will be trying times. I urge you to stay focused and remember that the ultimate object is election of a Republican President in 2016. So far as California is concerned, what can I say? 2014 should - could - be a year of great change and rededication for the Golden State, but I guess we have yet to reach rock bottom. Governor Brown feeds us fiction about how "California is Back", but any objective view of our state contradicts this. Neel Kashkari, on those few occasions when we see him, looks to be a truly exceptional young man with the inclination and experience to effect real change, but the Machine run by the liberals and the unions holds all the cards. It is truly shameful. So what can we do? Make sure we all vote. Their whole approach this year has been to let people sleep. If enough of their voters do - and WE don't - here could be a few nice presents under the tree on Wednesday morning.

Here are the people and measures I will vote for on Nov. 4:

GOVERNOR: Neel Kashkari, who I wish had more dough to get his message out. I had him on the program and he was the most impressive guest I have had. Perhaps God will intervene?.

Lt. GOVERNOR: Ron Nehring. Newsome wants to be Gov. in 4 years. Derail him now. 

SEC. of STATE: Pete Peterson. Pete has a good shot at winning. He has some great ideas for promoting the integrity and transparency of our elections and really wants the office.

CONTROLLER: Ashley Swearingen. She has been a fine Mayor of Fresno, and will be a fine Controller, too. 

TREASURER: Greg Conlon. Mr. Chiang has served two terms as Controller and now must run for a new job. Hardly seems fair?

ATTORNEY GENERAL: Ron Gold. Kamala Harris wants to run for Gov. in 2018. She and Newsom will tilt, unless we can beat either one or both this year.

BOARD of EQUALIZATION: James Theis. Fiona Ma is another termed out state legislator.

U.S. CONGRESS: Ron Kabat. He is not a Republican, but if he wins guess where he will sit?

STATE ASSEMBLY: Palmer Kain 29th dist. Mark Starritt 30th dist. 

JUDICIAL OFFICES: No recommendation. I know of no ethics or competence problems with any of these jurists. Some are quite liberal, but if voted from office their replacements would be chosen by Gov. Brown, so where is the gain? Use your best judgement.

SUPERINTENDANT OF PUBLIC INSTRUCTION: Marshall Tuck. Thi si another we might actually win. Torlakson is the bought dog of the Teacher?s Unions, and Tuck has picked up every major newspaper endorsement in the state. Be sure to vote for Marshall Tuck!

SUPERVISOR, 4th DIST: Greg Caput. This man works hard for us every day. His opponent just wants a third (!) source of taxpayer funded income.

COUNTY BOARD OF EDUCATION: Sharon Gray. I don't find this on my ballot, so guess I'm not in the district. If you are, vote for Sharon. You'll be lucky to have her!


PROP 1: NO. California does not need more bonded indebtedness. Elect Kashkari Governor and he'll stop the stoopid train and use the money for water projects.

PROP 2: NO. Both 1 and 2 are darlings of the Sacramento establishment and being fast tracked past the voters. Want proof? Why did they number these 1 and 2 instead of working them into the regular sequence? Should be 49 and 50. Put a stick in their spokes.

PROP 45: NO. Bad ideas from Trial lawyers and self styled consumer advocates will increase insurance costs for all of us.

PROP 46: NO. This solution to a problem that does not exist will cost tens of millions!

PROP 47: YES. This measure seeks to address the current situation where a person can get his third "strike" for a relatively minor offense and then be sent to State Prison for a long term at great expense to us. 

PROP 48: NO. I wish the casino Genie could be put back in the bottle. Give it no more air.

COUNTY MEASURE K: YES. I certainly believe marijuana is a reasonable thing to tax. I only wish there were some way to get them to reduce other levies instead of just blowing more dough. Wishful thinking, with this Board of Supervisors. 

Well, that's the gather. Please urge all your friends to vote for Neel Kashkari. If he can upset Jerry Brown it would be a political earthquake, and the only thing destroyed will be his Crazy Train and his false claims that all is well. Once a moonbeam...


Hi There,

Thank you for taking the time to visit this website.  I’m Charles Freedman, and I’m glad to meet you. When I was asked, in January of 2007, to take over the drive time show on KSCO, I saw an opportunity to do talk radio the way it ought to be: opinionated, but with respect for opposing ideas. I’m assuming you’re already somewhat familiar with me through listening to Happy Hour on KSCO.  If you’re a long time listener you know where I’m coming from.  For the benefit of newer arrivals, here’s a brief exposition of my approach to public discourse.

First, let’s define what we’re talking about.  Any given statement is either objective or political. An objective statement is one that can be verified as true.  “Barack Obama is President of the United States” is an objective statement – you may not like it, but it is certainly true.  A political statement asserts a value judgement with which well meaning, intelligent people might reasonably disagree. “Barack Obama is a poor president” is a political statement – there are many good people who think he’s swell. In talking politics, we should always remember that before any statement we make are the unspoken but important words “I think”.  My thoughts are no better or more valid than anyone else’s.  I try to raise their value by bringing facts, history, and logic to bear in support of them.

Second, I refuse to demonize or denigrate people who see things differently.  Political discourse is not


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